Nuno Taken To Hospital After Horror Incident

During the match between Belenenses and Porto, the full-back had to leave the match in an ambulance. The player clashed with the home goalkeeper Stanislav Kritsyuk and the medical services had to give him oxygen while he left.

Belenenses v Porto, match corresponding to matchday 17 of the Liga NOS, ended in a 0-0 draw but the result was the least important.

In the dying moments of the match, the away player Nanu had to leave the pitch in an ambulance after the match stopped for around 10 minutes.

In an image that left all those present speechless, the full-back clashed with Kritsyuk, the home goalkeeper. The faces of the footballers were in disbelief and the worry was clear in both his teammates and opposition players.

Pepe, in an interview after the match, sent a message of encouragement and calm to the fans. “I wish our teammate Nanu a speedy recovery. The ambulance doctors told me that he was fine, that he was already conscious”, he said.

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