Messi’s Lawyers Will Take Legal Action Against The Former President Josep Maria Bartomeu

The surprising leak of Leo Messi’s contract which made the front page of ‘El Mundo’ will lead to consequences at the club.

According to ‘RAC1’ this Wednesday, Messi’s lawyers will take legal action against the former president Josep Maria Bartomeu and the acting president of the club Carles Tusquets. He took over after Bartomeu’s resignation.

That said, they will not be the only ones. The media outlet reported that Messi’s legal representatives will also take action against former vice-president Jordi Mestre as well as the current CEO Oscar Grau and Roman Gomez Punti, the man responsible for legal matters.

According to the informations picked up by the Argentinian’s inner circle, those five people are the only ones who knew in detail all the information about Leo Messi’s contract.

Funnily enough, after being singled out initially as being potentially responsible, they all denied it was the case. Bartomeu, who left on bad terms with Leo, was clear: “It’s absolutely false that I’ve leaked Messi’s contract. It’s a very serious issue and it’s llegal to leak professional contracts.”

Jordi Mestre talked about Leo in a similar manner and admitted that he deserves every euro he gets: “He doesn’t ruin Barca. However says that either has no idea or says it maliciously.”

Tusquets and Gomez Punti, the other people accused, have still not made comments, but they are also under investigation.

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