Messi Is In The Middle Of Yet Another Controversy

Trouble is coming. In response to the revelation in the newspaper ‘El Mundo’ of Leo Messi’s astronomical contract, Barcelona have responded with an official statement in which they deny any responsibility in the publication and assure that they will take legal action.

The front page of the newspaper ‘El Mundo’ this Sunday has raised a huge cloud of controversy that, it seems, will end up in court. The newspaper uncovered the contract that Leo Messi signed with Barcelona in his last renewal in 2017 and has brought to light the total cost to the ‘culΓ©’ club.

‘El Mundo’ reported that the star and the azulgrana club signed a contract until June 30, 2021 worth €555 million. With a document of 30 pages, the media indicated that, between fixed pay and extas, the striker pockets a total of 138 million per season.

The information has revealed Barcelona’s efforts for its star player, especially at a time when the club’s finances are not at their best. Messi has always been known for being a reserved player and, as ‘El Larguero’ has learned, the player will take legal action against ‘El Mundo’ for accessing his contract.

In addition, the footballer’s lawyers will study how to involve the people at Barcelona who knew his contract in detail for an alleged and possible revelation. These would be, according to ‘Marca’, former president Josep Maria Bartomeu, Γ“scar Grau and Carles Tusques, president of the Gestora; and two other people.

Barcelona have responded to the scandal of the biggest economic contract in the history of sport with a statement in which they deny any responsibility for the information of ‘El Mundo’ and support Leo Messi.

“FC Barcelona categorically denies any responsibility in the publication of this document, and will take appropriate legal action against the newspaper El Mundo for any damage that may be caused as a result of this publication,” said the ‘culΓ©’ club.

Barcelona insisted that it supports its player “especially in the face of any attempt to discredit his image and damage his relationship with the club”.


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