Messi, Mbappé And The Domino Effect

According to the newspaper ‘Marca’, the decision that Leo Messi could make at the end of the season could trigger a domino effect at clubs. The futures of Agüero and Vinicius, amongst others, depend on Leo.

Real Madrid and Barcelona, amongst others, are going through a delicate situation because of the coronavirus. Just look at the consequences of COVID-19 in the winter market: 668 million less spent and almost half the number of deals.

If this has been the case, the summer looks set to be the same. However, there is one player who could generate some movement on the footballing chessboard. This is Messi, a player who will not decide his future until the end of the season.

He already warned it in an interview with Évole and the curious thing is that there are players that depend on him. That is what ‘Marca’ informs, which even gives names such as Mbappé, Vinicius, Salah, Agüero, amongst others.

The step that Leo decides to take could generate a domino effect. With PSG and City keeping an eye on the Argentine star, an exit to PSG could force the Parisians to get rid of an added value like Mbappé.

The aforementioned source states that Madrid are awaiting a move by the Barca player to go for the PSG star. And if they sign him, one of the people who would be at the Madrid exit door would be Vinicius.

The Brazilian doesn’t have the trust of Zidane and is short of minutes, so he would contemplate leaving to have a greater role. Another name is Salah, a man who would be sacrificed by Klopp if Mbappé were to arrive, according to ‘Canal Plus France’.

But this could take a complete turn if Manchester City end up signing Messi. Guardiola misses him and his signing would push, according to ‘Marca’, Agüero to leave City. Leo has the power in the palm of his hands.

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