Luka Jovic Could Leave Real Madrid For Good

Eintracht Frankfurt sporting director Fredi Bobic, did not rule out keeping Luka Jovic permanently once his loan spell from Real Madrid is over.

Bobic said that you never know what can happen and even less so given the current coronavirus crisis.

In his latest appearance in front of the club’s media, sporting director Fredi Bobic said getting Luka Jovic on a permanent basis is possible. At the moment, he is playing well.

“You can always have dreams. We still have a good relationship with Real Madrid and we reached a favourable agreement (the loan deal) for both. At the moment, nobody can say for sure what will happen in the summer. It’s tremendously difficult to make plans at the moment,” he said.

He also talked about the possibility of the striker playing up top alongside Andre Silva: “It will depend on Luka and how quickly he can get back the form we are used to him being in here in Frankfurt. Andre is very consistent so we will have to see whether we change the system. It will depend on many factors.”

There is a chance Jovic will stay at the Bundesliga club when his loan spell expires in June. It is worth remembering that the Serbian returned to the Bundesliga because of the lack of game time he was getting under Zinedine Zidane.

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