Luis Suarez Scored A Great Freekick

Luis Suárez is the top scorer in LaLiga. The Uruguayan scored two of the four goals in Atlético’s victory over Cádiz and is happy with how things are going for him.

The Uruguayan is aware that he is in a “sweet moment” that he must “take advantage of”. He also recalled Leo Messi and Barca when he was asked about the free-kick.

Luis Suárez, Atlético Madrid’s goal scorer, said on Sunday after the 2-4 win over Cádiz that when a “striker is on a roll, you have to take advantage of it”, while stressing the difficulty of the victory, highlighting the qualities of Álvaro Negredo and insisting on his team’s “way forward”.

“We knew the difficulty that Cádiz make it difficult for you here on their pitch. They look for a lot of sideways crosses with a player who shows the quality of the player he is, like Negredo. We tried to cut out that kind of situation, it was difficult for us, we worked hard, we ran and we got three points, which is what we wanted,” he told ‘Movistar’.

He scored two of the four goals. “When the striker is on a roll you have to try to take advantage and enjoy that opportunity. It’s difficult to maintain the same level throughout the year, but I try to help the team in any way I can,” explained the striker, who referred to the free-kick that made it 0-1 and which he had trained for on Friday.

“The thing is that having been at Barcelona for a long time, with Leo… I had scored a goal or two, in the national team I kicked them and scored a goal or two, and now I’m making the most of the opportunities.

The other day we were talking about it (in last Friday’s session). We trained a couple of free-kicks there, the one who did the best was Tom (Lemar), the one in charge, I asked him to let me have it and when a striker is on a roll…” said Luis Suarez, whose team have 50 points from 19 games.

“That means that the team is working very well, that we are all on the same line, with the same mentality, that we want to achieve our objectives and that’s the way forward,” said the striker, who added: “These are important numbers that make us stay up there, which is what we want, and continue along the same line, despite the fact that we were missing important players”.

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