Harry Redknapp Spoke Out Loud And Clear About Thomas Tuche


For the veteran English coach, the fact that Tuchel has won titles with PSG does not make him a good coach, as all the credit goes to the Parisian side’s great squad.

Harry Redknapp, one of England’s most charismatic and longest-serving managers, has been highly critical of Chelsea for sacking Lampard and reportedly opting for Tuchel instead.

The English side are already working on their new manager and Thomas Tuchel will almost certainly be the one chosen, something that has not gone down well with the 73-year-old veteran.

“Chelsea have decided to sign a new manager now. I heard Gary Neville say that another great manager is coming to the Premiership. But who says he’s a great manager?” Redknapp told ‘Sky Sports’ microphones.

“Winning titles in France with PSG doesn’t make you a great manager. You have a lot of chances to win the league in France when you manage PSG. Only time will tell how good he is…,” the England boss said.

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