Kim Tate Is Set To Be Impressed By Gabby Thomas

In upcoming scenes on the soap due to air next week, Jamie will find Bear Wolf’s wallet, Jai Sharma assuring him that he will get it back to him.

When Kim then asks where Dawn is, Gabby says she has asked to leave early that day, though Jamie is left unimpressed as he reveals that she has a meeting with social services.

Dawn returns later and Bear arrives to collect his wallet, though is left confused when it goes missing from Jai’s desk. Jai is angry as he accuses Dawn of stealing it, though her attempts to prove her innocence by emptying her bag fall flat when the wallet tumbles out.

Jai sacks her, as Kim notices a smile on Gabby’s face, and later on Kim tells Gabby she knows it was her that framed Dawn though given that she hates the latter, she is more than willing to help. She assures Gabby that the CCTV has been wiped and tells her that she has potential.

Gabby is smug as Dawn clears her desk the next day, though Kim is thrown when Jamie reveals that he will not be working there anymore, instead going back to the vets’ permanently.

Kim and Gabby’s glee is also short-lived as they learn from Jamie that he has offered Dawn a receptionist job, and Gabby’s heart sinks later in the week when she watches Jamie and Dawn together.

Kim tells Gabby to shadow her from now on so that she can keep an eye on her progress.

Emmerdale airs these scenes in the week commencing Monday, February 8 on ITV.

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