José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes Spoke About Messi’s Contract

The Spanish minister of Culture and Sport, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, said that Leo Messi’s contract at Barcelona is “exorbitant”. He affirmed that, although in a market society these salaries cannot be capped, it is “a problem with what it means”.

‘El Mundo’ leaked the details that, at the time, Barca agreed with Leo Messi. The club committed themselves to paying him a whopping 555 million euros.

Such was the magnitude of the information that even the government has commented on it. Minister Uribes gave his opinion on the salary of FC Barcelona’s number 10.

“It’s true that these exorbitant things are very shocking”, Uribes said in an interview on ‘Telemadrid’, when he was asked about the figures of the Argentine forward’s contract.

In his opinion, these salaries in the world of football go back a long way, and not only in Spain, but all over the world, although “now it is more visible in a situation of crisis and when people are having a hard time”.

“This defines us a bit as a society,” he said. “We have to think that science has to be well paid, and so does football, but it’s true that these exorbitant prices are very shocking”.

Asked whether he would put “a cap” on these salaries, he recalled that it doesn’t depend on him and that we are living in a “capitalist, open, market society”. “But it seems to me that from a moral point of view….”, he continued without finishing the sentence.

He also pointed out that the government “has done something that goes in the opposite direction”, in reference to a pact between the league, the Higher Sports Council and the Spanish Football Federation so that in this context of pandemic, the television rights of the matches that are broadcast, held without fans, can be distributed to other minority sports “that are having a very hard time”.

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