Inter Milan’s Financial Problems Could Force The Board To Sell Achraf

His main suitors, according to this media outlet, are Arsenal and Chelsea. He would leave for around 50 million euros.

Inter Milan are going through a tough time financially, they are suffering losses and they may have to resort to selling players to get liquidity. Achraf could one of the men to go. In fact, it has already been leaked in Italy that Inter had not made some payments to Real Madrid for his signing. The La Liga side ended up denying the rumours.

‘The Athletic’ reports that the main suitors for the Moroccan if he has to leave are Arsenal and Chelsea. They would have to pay around 50 million euros, an amount higher than what Inter paid for him, but less than his market value.

ProFootballDB, BeSoccer’s database, values the player at 64.8 million euros. His youth, his promise for the future and his experience in three of the top five leagues explain this price. If he moves to England, he will have played in four of the top five leagues at the age of just 22.

The main stumbling block for Inter would be if Arsenal and Chelsea do not agree to pay their asking price for the full-back. The English clubs have also been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis, like all clubs, and they made decide not to spend too much money.

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