The Goal Eluded Cavani In The Match Against Arsenal

Despite this, Solskjaer came to the defence of the Uruguayan striker and justified his mistakes with a technical explanation.

Edinson Cavani just couldn’t seem to bag one no matter how hard he tried in the clash between Arsenal and Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium.

But Solskjaer, who has only good words for the Uruguayan, came to the defence of his player, highlighting the great game he played and offering a technical explanation to justify his mistakes in front of goal.

“Just by watching his movements and the intelligence he has on the pitch, I know exactly how thin the margins are. You have to open your ankle a little bit on the first play. And on the second one, you just have to hit the ball a little bit earlier to be able to place your foot better, but you have to do it very quickly,” the United manager told the press conference.

After these words, he took the opportunity to point out that Cavani always appears in all the team’s offensive plays and, in passing, he asked something similar of the rest of his players: “The thing is that he is there, at the end of all the chances. I hope Mason Greenwood, Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford see these moves to learn from him”.

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