Gerard Piqué Spoke On ‘Post United’

With his return to the pitch just around the corner, Gerard Piqué spoke on ‘Post United’ and, as usual, spoke about various topics such as referees and Madrid.

Gerard Piqué is closer to returning for Barca after the serious injury he suffered a few months ago at the Wanda Metropolitano against Atlético.

While his return is still being confirmed, the centre-back discussed different topics in an interview with ‘Post United’ in which he began by taking a shot at referees… and Real Madrid!

“The other day a former referee said that 85% of referees are Madrid fans. How can they not give decisions to Madrid? Even if it’s unconsciously, how can they not pull more for one side than the other? And I respect the professionalism of the referees and I know that they try to do the best job possible, but when there comes a moment of doubt… Last year’s La Liga for Madrid was the most absurd refereeing experience ever”, the defender assured.

About the eternal rival, Piqué spoke about the many white shirts he has after having played so many ‘Clásicos’, although he admitted that he has never worn any of them. “I’ve never put them on. I’ve changed them and I have Madrid shirts at home. I have Ronaldo, Benzema, Ramos… several. It’s beyond me to wear them”, he explained.

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