Barcelona’s Mapi Leon Has Criticsed The Lack Of VAR

Mapi Leon ended up being dismissed for a second yellow. In the replay, you can see the player win the ball before making contract with the Real Madrid footballer. She slammed the refereeing and the lack of VAR on Twitter.

Yet again, the lack of VAR in women’s football is in the headlines. Despite Barcelona thrashing Real Madrid 4-1 in the much awaited ‘Clasico’, one Barca player ended the game fuming.

That was Mapi Leon because she was dismissed for a second yellow card in the 80th minute. The first card was dicey in the 39th minute after being booked for a foul. She claimed she got the ball first.

The second yellow card when she was adjudged to have fouled Jakobsson in the box when she was heading towards Sandra Panos’ goal. Replays showed that Mapi clearly won the ball first and so the penalty for Real Madrid and red card for Barca were completely unjustified.

Had there been VAR, referee Elia Maria Martinez Martinez would have almost certainly reversed the decision. Olga Garcia scored the Real Madrid penalty.

As expected, social media went mad as a result of these officiating errors and she was furious on Twitter. “I’d be embarrassed. This time it’s happened to me, but it’s one bad decision after another. The other day, our opponents today had two legal goals disallowed. But, we aren’t going to improve are we?”

It’s not the first time Mapi had shown her anger on social media over the lack of VAR. Barca were knocked out of the Women’s Super Cup semi-final after not being given two clear penalties versus Atletico Madrid.

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