Atletico Madrid Are Well On Course To Win La Liga This Season

They have got 50 points from 19 matches. No other club in the top five European leagues has as good a record as this.

Atletico Madrid’s 2-4 victory at Cadiz was their final match of the first half of the season. After 19 matches, it can be said that are dominating La Liga.

They have won 16 games, drawn two and lost just once. They have got 50 points so far which means they will get a La Liga record of 100 points if they replicate this form in the second half of the campaign.

As well as having a 10 point cushion over their closest chasers (Real Madrid and Barca, who have both played a game more), no one in Europe has done so well.

In fact, Atletico have got the best record out of the leaders of the top five European leagues. In other seasons, clubs like Juventus and Bayern Munich have normally all but sewn up their leagues by this time of the year. That is not the case this year though.

In terms of performances, only the German side are close to Atletico Madrid’s points tally. The Bavarians have got 45 points from 19 matches, which means an average of 2.37 points per game while Atletico’s is 2.63.

Serie A leaders AC Milan are having a great season, but their numbers are much worse than Atletico’s. They have got 46 points from 20 matches. In other words, 2.3 points per game.

Man City and Lille are the leaders in England and France respectively. They are doing magnificently, but Man City’s 44 points (average of 2.2) and Lille’s 48 points (average of 2.18) are nowhere near Atletico’s numbers.

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