Only About 5 People Knew Messi’s Contract

The bombshell provoked by the leak of the figures of Messi’s contract is still having aftershocks. ‘RAC1’ assures that it was so secret that only 5 people knew its contents.

Messi’s contract was top secret. So confidential that only around five people at Barcelona had access to it. And we already know four: the signatories.

Leo Messi signed a millionaire contract, which will bring him a total of 555 million euros, in 2017, as revealed by ‘El Mundo’, a leak that may have taken its toll on the newspaper.

The point is that the contract was so secret, that only 5 people reportedly had access to it, as ‘RAC1’ explains. Four of them are known, as they were the ones who signed it: Messi, Bartomeu, Mestre and Grau.

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