Tyson Fury Is To Become A Father For The Sixth Time

The 32-year-old professional boxer and his wife Paris feel “blessed” to be expecting their sixth child, a sibling for Venezuela, 10, Prince John James, eight, Prince Tyson II, four, Valencia, three, and Prince Adonis Amaziah, 12 months, as he confirmed the happy news.

Sharing the news, he said: “Paris is pregnant again and the Lord has blessed us definitely with another child and I’m very thankful. Got a beautiful wife, beautiful kids, they’re all healthy. That’s the most important thing, you know, your health and your family. Nothing else really matters. Your job, your money, your wealth, your career, none of that really matters because you can get another job, you can start snooker or you can go make more money.

“It doesn’t really matter but the one thing you can’t get back is your family. You can’t get back time lost and that’s the crazy thing about it all.”

And Tyson wants to teach his children the value of money.

Speaking to boxing correspondent Gareth A Davies for his YouTube series, he shared: “For me it’s very important to stay close to my grassroots as I’ve got a lot of kids coming up, I’ve got five kids, very important for them to know the value of money. It’s very important for them to know how to earn money. So, if they see me splashing out all the time and living a movie stars’ lifestyle they grow up thinking that’s the only way they can live.

“To earn from a normal job, Β£200-300-a-week, however much they’re going to get, they might think that’s no good if they’ve been spoiled rotten by multimillionaire parents.”

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