Rob And Gemma Howard Are To Front A Podcast About First-Time Parenting In Lockdown

The radio DJs are to present a new show, ‘Locked Down Knocked Up’, about the highs and lows of pregnancy and first-time parenting during the coronavirus pandemic.

Gemma said: “As soon as we realised that we weren’t the only new parents to feel like this we knew we had to do it. Locked Down Knocked Up is full of banter and is essentially about what it’s like to prepare for a baby you weren’t expecting in a time nobody was expecting!”

And Gemma admits she has found pregnancy tough so far.

She explained: “Pregnancy is hard! I wasn’t expecting the sickness to be as drawn out and constant as it was. I found myself worrying about the slightest twinge, too much movement, no movement, if I was eating right, sleeping right, doing anything right!”

Whilst Rob added: “Gemma has had to go through so much. All the sickness, tiredness and her body changing … I feel bad that I am unaffected by it all. It feels a bit unfair that it’s so one-sided, though I’m not complaining! … You get given a lot of different advice and it often completely contradicts what someone else has said. It feels a bit like one of Boris’s confusing lockdown speeches at times.”

And Gemma admits she worries about her family not being able to see the baby.

She shared: “I’m not sure when they’ll be able to meet the baby, as we all have to abide by new rules as they’re announced! It’s probably not a negative for them though, as they’ve missed all my moaning. It was also tough not having Rob at the appointments as there were a couple of scary moments, but so many women had that so much worse that I just feel very grateful.”

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