Luisa Zissman Believes There Is Too Much “Pressure” On Kids Being Homeschooled

‘The Apprentice’ star who has Dixie, 10, with ex-husband Oliver Zissman, and Indigo, four, and Clementine, three, with husband Andrew Collins – has decided to stop “forcing” Indigo into anything during homeschooling sessions, because the youngster is “slowly disappearing” in front of her.

She wrote on Instagram: “We didn’t have a good day homeschooling today, the pressure on these little ones it’s too much. 30/45min live lessons when you are 4yrs old is too much. Being forced in front of a computer screen is too much. No amount of bribes, reward charts, telling off’s, sitting nicely with her worked. My normal happy bright smart girl is slowly disappearing in front of me because of the pressure of school.

“Im not a teacher, I’m her loving mum and it’s my job to look out for her well-being over her education. So while we are still going to try our best I’m not forcing her into anything when happiness and a positive attitude towards learning should be #1 (sic).”

Luisa has decided to teach her daughter through “playing and talking”, but wondered if there are any other parents struggling with homeschooling.

She added: “Is anyone else struggling? Please say it’s not just me. All the other kids seem to sit there perfectly but my girl is a worldly adventurous girl & we can lean through playing and talking. (sic)”

However, the 33-year-old star has praised her daughter’s teachers.

Replying in the comments, she wrote: “It’s not a dig her teachers are excellent, they have patience of saints and are incredible.

I agree if they didn’t set work then they would be criticised too. It would be nice as a parent to have the option of doing the work in our own time and also understanding more the children’s emotional needs if they just don’t get it done instead of pressure to do constant tasks and appear live on lessons. Teachers have it hard too and should be given the vaccine ASAP as key workers so the children & teachers can have some normality (sic)”

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