Katie Mcglynn Thinks She’s “Completely Out Of [Her] Depth” On ‘Stand Up & Deliver’

The 27-year-old actress who played Sinead Tinker in ‘Coronation Street’ – is poised to star on the Channel 4 comedy show and she admits to being anxious about her stand-up routine.

She shared: “I’m completely out of my depth!

“I’ve been enjoying it, but I’ve not done the performance yet, so I’m absolutely nervous. I always try to find a funny side of things, but it’s completely different to anything I’ve ever done. I just hope people laugh.”

Katie has tested her routine on her friends – but she remains uncertain about some of her jokes.

She told the Sunday Mirror’s Notebook magazine: “I’ve not really tested it on my dad. But I tested it on my friend and just kind of said, ‘Can I say that? Should I not say that?’

“But because it’s comedy, I think you can get away with joking about certain things more.

“I’ve not done it in front of my family, but I’ve done it in front of my friends just to double check that everything’s alright. I mean, I could have gone further with some stuff, but I just haven’t.

“I really hope it’s funny and people relate to it because that’s the whole point of comedy sometimes – you’ve got to relate to stuff.”

Asked how she might deal with hecklers, Katie – who starred on ‘Coronation Street’ between 2013 and 2020 – replied: “To be honest, I’m hoping there aren’t any hecklers!

“I’m going to try to ignore it unless it’s really bad – then I’m going to have to just put it into the set or it might be a bit weird.”

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