Filmmaker Who Turned To Tiktok After Covid-19 “Completely Messed Up” Her Studies

Ash Bateson began using the platform after being left with just a phone to film with when the University of Salford moved her course online.

Her series has since had more than three million views, with one episode being watched almost 700,000 times.

The 22-year-old now hopes to turn the short-form series into a longer show.

The London-based student said moving online had been “incredibly annoying”, but admitted it had inspired her to try something new.

“The more I used TikTok, the more I started to see a potential for what could happen on it,” she said.

“I got thinking about how cool it would be to do an actual series.

“I saw professional broadcasters doing similar things on

Snapchat, and I wanted to be one of the first to do it on TikTok.”

Ms Bateson has since created two horror series on the platform, The Cursed Necklace and The Possessed Ring, often writing, filing and releasing an episode within the space of a day, using her home and nearby locations as sets.

“In terms of props, I just went around the house finding anything I could use,” she said.

“My lighting was a plug-in light bulb, my tripod was a hands-free phone set… and my camera equipment was my phone.”

She also played many of the parts herself, though had some help from her Liverpool-based friend.

“I would get him to film shots and send them to me,” she said.

“Even though I’m down in London and he’s in Liverpool, when we cut to him standing inside his front door and me standing outside mine, it looks like we’re having a conversation.”

Ms Bateson said the main thing she had learned making the episodes was to remember it was “not going to be perfect, but that’s why people love TikTok”.

She said the response online had been “amazing”, adding: “Over the first two seasons, it has accumulated over three million views, which is insane.”

She has also had professional interest in her work and said she was now “working with a scriptwriter from LA” on a TV pilot episode.

“That would be my dream, to get this turned into a long-form series,” she said.

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