Fans Of The Arthouse Film Director David Lynch Have Reacted With Excitement

Though Lynch did not provide any hints as to the nature of the announcement, fans have speculated that it could be confirmation of a new project.

Last year, Lynch released What Did Jack Do? on Netflix, a black-and-white short film in which Lynch plays a man who interrogates a monkey.

Lynch teased the forthcoming announcement in his daily “Weather Report” video. Every day, the filmmaker recites the local weather in a video posted to his YouTube channel.

A separate recurring video series is entitled “Today’s Number Is…”, and sees Lynch select a random number from a jar and read it aloud.

“Good morning,” he said, during yesterday’s video. “It’s January 31. The last day of January, 2021, and it’s a Sunday. Here in L.A., partly cloudy, a strong breeze blowing, around 46 degrees fahrenheit, 8 celsius.”

“Not today, but tomorrow, I will have an announcement to make. Should be going up to 69 degrees fahrenheit this afternoon, around 21 celsius, and it looks like we’re gonna have clouds all along the way. Everyone have a great day.”

Some people believe that Lynch will announce a fourth season of his seminal 1990s crime series Twin Peaks, which he revived for a 16-episode run back in 2016 for the US network Showtime.

“It’s either the fourth season of Twin Peaks or he befriended a feral cat that lives on his street, I see no in-between,” joked one fan.

“Twin Peaks S4 I’m sure of it,” wrote another, while someone else wrote: “Twin Peaks s4 inshallah.”

Others have suggested that the announcement could in fact be related to Wisteria, a rumoured series that Lynch is reportedly developing for Netflix.

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