Cyrell Paule And Jessika Power Went Head-To-Head During Part One Of The Married At First Sight Grand Reunion

But by the second night, the pair almost seemed ready to put the past behind them as Cyrell, 31, apologised to Jessika, 29, for throwing white wine at her the night before.

When asked by expert Melanie Schilling if she had any regrets about the way she acted, Cyrell explained: ‘About that, of course!’

‘I hated what Martha [Kalifatidis] did, and yet I did it to Jessika. I threw wine, and I really am sorry, I actually am,’ she said, referring to the time Martha tipped wine on her in 2019.

Cyrell continued: ‘Honestly, you did not deserve that. I was really childish, I did what I hated Martha for so many years, I did that to you.

‘Okay, and that was wrong, that was ill of me, that was stupid. I really am sorry for that. But, you know, that’s probably where I’m just going to leave it.’

On Sunday night, ‘Cyclone’ Cyrell hurled a glass of wine at her rival, after she confronted her at the dinner table over past comments she believed Jessika to have made.

Cyrell confronted the blonde over claims Jessika once described her relationship with Love Island’s Eden Dally as ‘fake’, and that their baby was all for publicity.

Jessika denied she ever said anything negative about their 10-month-old son Boston, but did admit to having called their romance fake.

Visibly frustrated by Jessika for not ‘taking ownership’, Cyrell hurled the glass of wine, leaving their co-stars at the table shocked and appalled.

‘Very mature darling, very mature,’ Jessika, 29, said to Cyrell before walking off theset in tears.

‘To be angry at me like that because I’ve never once said a bad word about Cyrell and her son,’ Jessika began, in a piece-to-camera.

‘I feel disappointed and feel let down. Sorry. I didn’t buy in to the drama, and I walked away when I should’ve when I normally would have reacted, and I’m proud of myself tonight,’ she continued.


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